As a standard practice, I require all first-time gentlemen to complete a thorough screening process. I trust that you understand that this measure is in place to ensure our mutual safety and comfort during our time together. Please be assured that your privacy is of utmost importance to me, and any information provided during the screening process will be confidential. I am excited we are going to see each other. Please email me your full name, contact number (I will not call or text unless we expressly make plans for it), residence city/state, and any information that you would like to provide as well as three established ladies that you’ve seen within the last year. Please send me their names, emails, phones, and websites.

Although my life is brimming with ordinary activities outside of companionship, I consider privacy to be of paramount importance. As such, I ensure that I am an asset and never a liability in any relationship. I seek companionship for a variety of reasons, including my unquenchable thirst for thrill and confidentiality. Anything that is shared between us will be kept in the strictest confidence, and I vow to always respect your privacy. In the event that we encounter each other in public, I will maintain discretion and never reveal our acquaintance. Our interactions will remain solely between us, and I hold steadfast to that principle.